Cinema Review - Star Trek

As one who thought that yet another addition to the ‘done to death’ Star Trek franchise would be a terrible idea I have to admit that this time the film has boldly gone where it should go.

Although I’ve never been a die-hard trekkie I did always enjoy watching Star Trek growing up. Who didn’t? The adventures of the big-headed Captain James Tiberius Kirk and his crew were really enjoyable. Then came the films; by the 10th it was getting ridiculous. Surprisingly, this prequel has managed to charm some critics and create a whole new generation of fans by creating an exciting alternative story.

The film gets straight into the action with the massive and ominous Romulan vessel, the Nerada, emerging from a black hole and attacking the outmatched USS Kelvin. After the death of its captain first officer George Kirk takes command and because of his brave actions the rest of the crew, including his wife and son, escape.

The attack changes the course of history for James T Kirk (Chris Pine ). Sure, he’s still as brash and hot-headed as ever but his experiences of growing up fatherless make him different from the Kirk we all knew. For one thing his progression into the captain’s seat of the starship Enterprise is not as smooth a ride as it should be.

This movie is firing on all torpedo cannons as there are plenty of action and effects throughout. We also get to know all our favourite characters a little bit better. Uhura (Zoe Saldana ) is clever, sensitive, and a bit of tease. Dr Leonard McCoy (Karl Urban ) is intensely loyal and gives us the old Bones lines such as, “Damn it man, I’m a doctor not a physicist”. Love it; however, sometimes it was taken too far to the point of annoying. Simon Pegg as Scotty provided some great comic relief and there is a very dignified cameo part by the now 78-year-old Leonard Nimoy (the real Spock ).

An actor who really shines is Zachary Quinto (young Spock ). Spock here is still trying to come to terms with being half human/half Vulcan and his emotional control is pushed to the limit when bad guy Nero (Eric Bana ) carries out his world-destroying revenge.

The film is entertaining and exciting from start to finish and is a definite watch for ‘not too picky’ trekkies and non-trekkies alike.

Verdict: 4.5/5


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