Mayor offers help to young people as they return to school

Parents and pupils needing reassurance can email or have Zoom chat with the Mayor

The Mayor of Galway, Cllr Mike Cubbard. Photo:- Mike Shaughnessy

The Mayor of Galway, Cllr Mike Cubbard. Photo:- Mike Shaughnessy

With young people returning to school this week, the Mayor of Galway, Cllr Mike Cubbard, has offered help to those who are “anxious about going back to education”.

The mayor said he is available to take calls and emails from parents and pupils “experiencing new levels of anxiety with the return to school” or who may just need “a reassuring call”.

“As young people return to education, I would like to make myself available if anyone has a child who may need a reassuring call,” he said. “I spent the winter months reaching out to our older generation to assure them that I, as Mayor, had them firmly in my thoughts. I now want to extend this to our younger generation.

“Maybe a phone call to reassure them everything will be OK, maybe the parent and child can chat to me over Zoom, or if it suits best, I can arrange to pay a visit and chat to both parent and child briefly, and in a socially distanced manner, outside their home? If there are any school teachers or principals who would like to arrange for a Q&A session via Zoom, I would love to hear from them too.”

Those wishing to get in touch with Mayor Cubbard can email to [email protected].


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