Contact lens hygiene tips to avoid putting health at risk

Hand hygiene has never been more important than now – especially when it comes to touching our face and eyes.

That is why Specsavers is reminding people of the correct way to handle contact lenses and minimise the risk of issues or infections.

Research shows that although 85 per cent of people think they comply with hygiene advice, only 32 per cent of people actually take proper care of their lenses, which means the majority of wearers are potentially putting their eye health at risk.

Kerril Hickey, Specsavers Ireland chairman and optician, says: "It’s important that good hygiene is always followed when handling contact lenses. You wouldn’t put something dirty into your mouth so why would you do the same with your eyes?

"Clean, dry, hands should always be used when putting in and taking out lenses and always rub, rinse, and store your lenses in the recommended solution too."

Here, Specsavers shares its top tips on looking after your contacts to make sure you keep your eyes healthy and free from bacteria and infection:

Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.

Do not share your contact lenses.

Do not sleep in your lenses in unless you have been advised to do so.

Do not use tap water or any other water on your lenses or case.

Apply your lenses before putting on make-up.

Do not swim with your lenses in.

Keep your eyes closed when using hairspray.

Do not wear your lenses in the shower.

It is recommended that everyone has an eye test every two years, and contact lens wearers have a check-up at least every two years. For further information or to book an appointment visit


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