Finding a dining table to fit your personal taste and style

A dining table is a place where memories are made and where families gather for celebration dinners, regular meals and sociable chats.

Nowadays, as the formal dining room has largely disappeared from many homes, eating areas may be part of a kitchen, a living room or somewhere between the two.

So it is worth finding a dining table that is an ideal fit for your space and lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are numerous suggestions on choosing the table that is perfect for you.

Firstly, think about ensuring that the table suits the size and shape of the room.

For example, choose a large round or square-shaped table to complement a big open space. A long, banqueting-style table is better suited to a narrow space.

Consider placing your table so it follows the lines of the room and draws the eye along it.

In a compact space, such as a cottage kitchen or a studio flat, a round table may be the best option.

Not only does it make moving around easier, but it will also create breathing space, helping the room to feel less ‘boxy’ and more ‘cute’.

Round tables also work well in knocked-through living/dining rooms that can feel a bit tunnel-like. A rounder shape at one end of the space will soften this impression.

For open plan spaces, one way to make a feature of the table without making it feel overly formal, is to use it as a dividing zone between the kitchen and the living area.

This will this help to bring the whole room together and also bridge the gap between everyday and special occasions.

If space is tight, rather than dining chairs, consider benches and stools as a more economical way of fitting several people around the table.


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