Yoga Mara now available online

Hannah and Rachel Healy.

Hannah and Rachel Healy.

Yoga Mara aims to bring balance and calm back into the hectic lives of guests through yoga, meditation, nutrition, mindful art, and inspiring conversations. The Yoga Mara philosophy is simple… take time. Time to relax, refresh, and revitalise.

Led by Galway sisters and qualified yoga instructors, Rachel and Hannah Healy, Yoga Mara is an escape from the stresses of everyday life while looking after your physical and mental wellbeing. The Yoga Mara sisters have created a lovely marriage between both their skillsets to bring a balance of Yin and Yang to their business. The extended Yoga Mara team comprises some of Ireland's top nutritionists, sustainable chefs, art therapists, meditation leaders and massage therapists. Yoga Mara’s focus is to ensure each guest finds his/her balance in a way that connects to him/her personally.

With the onset of the pandemic, both directors were faced with an overwhelming challenge of how they were going to adapt their business to the current climate.

With cancellations of Zen hens, wellness escapes, and corporate events, they knew that they had to transition their wellness offerings online and they needed to act swiftly.

Companies soon began to recognise the importance of looking after their employees' physical and mental wellbeing while working from home, and Yoga Mara is delighted to be able to offer a range of online yoga classes including chair yoga, guided meditations, mindful art sessions, and nutrition workshops as well as all-inclusive wellness webinars.

Yoga Mara has also created a private members' site via for a small monthly donation. This membership allows access to a variety of different yoga classes, guided meditations, and breath work techniques to help people overcome life’s obstacles in a clearer and relaxed state of mind.

To learn more about what Yoga Mara can offer you or your company email [email protected] and follow @yogamaraescapes on social media.


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