Greenhouses ideal for growing fresh organic fruits and vegetables

Organic Garden specialises in the production and assembly of high- quality polycarbonate polytunnels.

These greenhouses are produced with a 4mm or 6mm thick polycarbonate and is covered by a lengthy guarantee. Highly durable galvanized steel is produced with a closed profile 25x25mm within the base of the construction ensures the greenhouses are particularly durable and

resistant to corrosion.

In the Irish climate the durable structure is critical with the outside polycarbonate sheets also offering significant protection from the


Organic Garden’s greenhouses are ideal for growing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

A range of greenhouse sizes are available with split doors which is useful in the summertime. When condensation builds up fruit and

vegetables can become mouldy.

The doors, located at the front and back of each greenhouse, allows air to run through ensuring there will be no problems with mould.

Organic Garden’s greenhouses start from three metres wide to four metres in length and go right up to 12 metres in two metre sections.

A full range of products and prices are available at or contact [email protected]


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