Top vegan picks at Joyce’s

As the month of January draws to a close so does the vastly popular annual challenge of Veganuary, where people from all around the world challenge themselves to try a plant based diet for the month of January. In honour of Veganuary the team at Joyces Supermarkets have put together a list of some of their favourite vegan products and brands available in store.

Irish owned food company The Happy Pear has created a range of vegan ready meals using carefully chosen ingredients to give them a meaty taste and texture. The chilli no carne and veggie lasagne are two of the most popular ready meals the company has produced, and both have the nutritional benefit of being two of your five a day. It has also produced a large range of healthy condiments to couple with your favourite meals, including the award-winning basil pesto and sweet beat hummus.

Next on the list of vegan favourites is Goodfellas vegan stone baked pizza. Goodfellas has created a delicious vegan pizza that allows you to maintain a plant based diet without compromising on taste. This stone baked falafel pizza has become a big hit, carefully fusing Eastern spices with a typically Italian meal. This mouth-watering pizza has a thin, crispy, base and is topped with falafel, spicy tomato sauce, onion, spinach, and red pepper.

Last but certainly not least on the list is a favourite vegan dessert, Ben & Jerrys cookies on cookie dough vegan ice cream. This delicious ice cream is packed full of cookie dough pieces, chocolate chunks, and caramel swirls. The packaging is responsible sourced, with a plant based tub and lid, giving you even more reasons to give this ice cream a try.

Visit your local Joyce’s supermarket today and check out the range of vegan foods at an affordable price.


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