Why I choose to study Bachelor of Commerce at NUI Galway

Gareth Davey, 2020 Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

Gareth Davey, 2020 Bachelor of Commerce Graduate

I chose to study at NUI Galway due to its world-renowned reputation, location in the heart of Galway city, and the warm and vibrant atmosphere I experienced during the open day. I knew that choosing to study commerce at NUI Galway would provide a world class education at Ireland’s best college of business and give me opportunities to grow my skills academically and practically.

My main motivation for choosing the Bachelor of Commerce programme was that the course offered me a direct pathway to a business degree while maintaining flexibility within the modules I could take. The structure of commerce at NUI Galway means all students spend two years learning the basics of all elements of business before choosing to specialise in specific streams. This sees graduates of the course having knowledge of the fundamentals of business such as business information systems, finance, marketing, and management. In first year, I had no prior knowledge of subjects such as accounting or economics, but all modules are taught from beginner level, meaning I could quickly excel thanks to lecturers being leading researchers and industry experts in their field. In the final year, students can choose from nine specialist streams. The wide offerings are available to students so they can tailor their degree to their career prospects. Without having the opportunity to study the pillars of business in my first two years of my degree, I might never have discovered my love for marketing and gone to specialise in that stream in my final year.

Choosing commerce at NUI Galway ensures a successful career and has been the best decision I have made. By mixing group work and problem-based learning with old-school classroom teaching, NUI Galway provides students with both the skills and knowledge needed in the real world. This is done through the numerous strategic partnerships at the JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics. PwC and the JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics have collaborated on the university's Bachelor of Commerce skills pathway since 2019 focusing on developing students' innovation and entrepreneurial talent. New innovative modules and events created from this partnership, such as an interview skills seminar, helped highlight my work experience and leadership skills.

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Another aspect of why I chose to study commerce at NUI Galway was that all commerce courses taught at NUI Galway offer students the opportunity for a study abroad or Erasmus year in one of the business school’s 100-plus international partner universities located all over the world. The JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics partners with universities in a variety of countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. This gives students the chance to experience a different culture while learning the intricacies of business on a global scale. Since 2017, Deloitte and NUI Galway have partnered on the Bachelor of Commerce global experience course. As part of the partnership, Deloitte provides funding through travel bursaries to support students while studying abroad. This partnership not only aids student financially during their global experience year, but also sees graduates recognised as Deloitte Global Scholars which proves incredibly beneficial to students upon their graduation.

I’ll always look back fondly on during my undergraduate studies in NUI Galway. The Bachelor of Commerce degree has given me the platform to forge my own path and has been a truly rewarding experience both academically and socially. This is without doubt due to the vibrancy and life that Galway city offers to people of all interests. With NUI Galway located so centrally, the city and all it had to offer was always just a stone’s throw away to my friends and me. Events specific to Galway, such as Macnas Halloween parade or Galway Christmas markets, will always be a fond memory of my time studying in Galway. Even though I’m not a Galway native, this city, which has been named the Friendliest City in Europe, has earned its reputation as I have made friends for life and I’d highly recommend both the programme and the university to anyone considering their options at present. You won’t regret it!

Gareth Davey is a 2020 Bachelor of Commerce graduate. He is available to give one-to-one advisory sessions to students interested in studying any of the business degrees at NUI Galway. Email [email protected] to arrange a time to suit you.


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