Gingerbread cheesecake is the ultimate dessert indulgence

This gingerbread salted caramel pecan cheesecake, courtesy of Siúcra and food influencer Lili Forberg, is the perfect dessert to brighten up a dull January dinner.

Salty and sweet, this is sure to be a firm favourite with all the family. Not only that, it is fun and simple to whip up too.


300g ginger biscuits

150g unsalted butter (room temperature )

800g cream cheese

150g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup (60 ml ) cream

1/2 cup (100g ) Siúcra caster sugar

1/4 cup (50g ) unsalted butter

1/3 (80ml ) cup cream

Sprinkle of salt

3/4 cup (140g ) pecans


Put ginger biscuits and butter in food processor and mix until well combined. Put into a greased cake tin.

Put the ingredients of the cheese mixture in a bowl and mix using a hand mixer. Place in the fridge.

For the glaze, put caster sugar on a medium heat and stir until it becomes a brown liquid consistency. Turn off the heat and add the butter until melted in.

Add a sprinkle of salt and cream. You can put this back on the heat on low.

Add the pecans and mix in. Let cool slightly and pour over cake.

Leave the in fridge for at least two hours. You can also leave some of the caramel sauce for when you are serving the cake.

Heat the caramel sauce and pour over full cake or over each slice.


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