Cinema Review - X Men Origins: Wolverine

The gorgeous and rugged Hugh Jackman is certainly great at getting his claws out in this action-packed flick but is let down by a rather rushed ending.

Directed by Gavin Hood, the film begins way back in the 1850’s where a young and rather innocent Jimmy Logan realises he is not like other children after killing his biological father. He and his older brother Victor Creed - who later becomes Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber ) - run away and learn to vent their anger by fighting with the army in pretty much every historical conflict that follows.

However things turn sour when Victor becomes ever more violent and blood-thirsty and both brothers are sentenced to death. Believing that there is no other place for them, they sign up with Team X, headed by Colonel William Stryker (Danny Huston ), to carry out covert operations.

A conscientious Jimmy walks out when he becomes suspicious of the team’s operations and angered by his brother’s love of violence. Years later he has found refuge, love, and satisfactory work as a lumberjack but this idyllic life is shattered when the past comes back to haunt him.

Out to exact revenge, Jimmy is persuaded by Stryker to undergo a really painful experiment, one that only he can possibly survive. A substance called Adamantium is infused with Jimmy’s skeleton to make him virtually indestructable.

However after realising that his trust has been betrayed Jimmy - now calling himself Wolverine - escapes and a fast-paced, entertaining, exciting, and guns blazing chase ensues giving audiences some of the best scenes; for women it will be the sight of a rather naked Jackman dashing through a waterfall and fields, for comedy value he accidentally smashes up a bathroom, and then there’s a brilliant smash-em-up action scene where Wolverine claws his way through enemy trucks and brings down a helicopter. Fantastic! During his hunt Wolverine stumbles apon a shocking discovery, meets some familiar X-Men faces, and ultimately the fight of his life.

Jackman is fantastic in portraying Wolverine as ferocious but also at times vulnerable as he tries not to succumb to the animal within. In fact his performance, and his body, cannot be faulted here, the same can not be said however for the actual ending. The film starts off brilliantly, has a great middle, but then it’s over way too soon leaving the audience feeling a little bit confused about certain points and frankly a bit cheated, we wanted more. However for action lovers and for Jackman lovers this film will keep you entertained.

Verdict: 4/5


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