Real Christmas trees the prevailing choice for families

An estimated 150,000 extra families have made the switch over the last three year from plastic to a real Irish Christmas tree, as growers expect to sell well in excess of half a million real Irish Christmas trees this year in Ireland.

This means that just under half of all families in Ireland will have a real Irish Christmas tree in their home this year.

In direct comparison with 2017 when 350,000 real Christmas trees were sold in Ireland, the Christmas tree growers expect to exceed half a million real Irish Christmas trees this year. That is according to the Irish Christmas Tree Growers, the all-Ireland organisation of Christmas tree farmers who have had their busiest year on record, keeping up with an increased demand from families all over Ireland.

“The demand started in October, with people pre-booking their trees to collect in December. We were astounded by the increased demand throughout November, but now as we enter the last week before Christmas, some Christmas tree growers are completely sold out. For example, in 2017, collectively we sold 350,000 real Irish Christmas trees, in 2018 it was 400,000 and in 2019 it rose to 450,000.

“This exceptional appetite for real Irish Christmas trees means that this year, just under half of all families in Ireland have bought a real Irish Christmas tree, which is an incredible statistic. It is apparent to us as growers that people are turning away from the disposable oil-based plastic trees, usually imported from China. Sustainability is the cornerstone of the Irish Christmas tree sector and after Christmas every tree in Ireland can be mulched and returned to the soil as a soil conditioner or used as compost.

“Members of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers are reporting their busiest year on record, with the largest growth coming from pre-orders online and ‘click and collect’ online sales. In November, because of Covid-19 restrictions we saw huge volumes of people go online to pre-order their real Christmas tree to collect them on designated dates in December. This has brought tens of thousands of new customers directly to us.

“For us a group of Irish farmers, it is really encouraging to see the Government through Minister Pippa Hackett, support the campaign to encourage people to buy a real Irish Christmas tree. The numbers speak for themselves; people are moving in their thousands away from plastic trees and choosing instead to enjoy a beautiful Irish Christmas tree, knowing that they are supporting the local economy at the same time.

“In order to keep your tree looking well for the Christmas period, we would encourage families to keep the base of tree well topped up with water and try and ensure that the tree is not beside a very strong heat source such as a radiator”, Chair of the Irish Christmas Tree Growers, Martin Kelleher said.

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