Treat yourself to a Christmas Feast from Papa Johns

In a time when large parties are discouraged, there's nothing wrong with having your own party in your own house.

But to do that you need the ideal portable convenient party pack that you can get.

On these bleak midwinter days, there's nothing better than a nice treat for the kids, something to reward them for a chore done.

With this in mind, the PapaJohns Christmas Feast is a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds. This is available as a delivery if you live near one of the PapaJohns outlets in your nearest Supermacs. Or you can call and collect.

So what is the Christmas Feast? Well, it is surprisingly versatile actually as you can build your own with chocie of drinks and topping.

This comprises a large pizza, fries for two, drinks for two and a box of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies.

The pizza can be a topping of your choice, or if you are trying to meet the taste demands of different people, you can get half and half, which is what I did this week.

I love Pepperoni, while my young dining companion opted for Margherita, so our pizza was cooked accordingly, a fab treat that kept both of us happy.

The fries were mouthwateringly thsoe deliciously typical Supermac's chip. The drinks can be hot or cold, but the real buzz at the end is those fab cookies.

Writing this, I can still recall the warm melty choc smell, and the soft moist biscuit wrapped around those choc chips..


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