Maintaining the garden soil for vegetable growth

As we embrace the winter season, it is essential that the prevalent theme of preparing and cleaning the soil continues.

Here at the Galway Advertiser we are encouraging our readers who enjoy spending time with nature to maintain a garden presence.

Although the weather maybe changeable with low cloud, it is uplifting for the soul as you prepare your soil for the coming of a spring season and the return of prime vegetable growth.


Clear large stems and leaves (asparagus ) into a compost heap, while smaller roots (parsnips, leeks ) can remain in place and covered with compost as soon as the harvests have been cultivated.


If vegetable garden maintenance has been a regular occurrence, there should be very few weeds with which to deal, but continuing essential tweaking and manipulation of the soil will ensure room for prime growth in the spring.


Ensure composting occurs on a regular basis as it enriches the soil. Upon harvest cultivation spread even amounts of compost throughout the uprooted soil and at the base of growing plants such as kale.


Fresh harvest include, spinach, parsnips, turnips, leeks and salad leaves and they can be cultivated for storage purposes, particularly if frost is forecast.


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