Galway businesses supporting each other

Spotlight Oral Care was founded four years ago by Galwegians Dr Lisa and Dr Vanessa Creaven, practicing cosmetic dentists and sisters. As dentists, they know that good oral health is important for overall health, so they created clinically proven, clean, sustainable, oral care products that really work.

For years they watched their patients struggle to find safe and effective oral care products to target their specific goals. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to your skincare so why should it when it comes to your oral care? Your mouth and its needs are unique.

Fellow Galway business, Joyce's, saw the potential in supporting a local brand making a difference not only to oral health, but to overall health and the environment, and has been a proud stockist of Spotlight Oral Care for the past two years. Stocking a selection of the specifically targeted toothpastes, of which the tubes are 100 per cent recyclable, made from a by-product of sugar cane, as well as the range of mouthwashes, Spotlight Oral Care is delighted to have Joyce's as a key stockist endorsing its products in its home county.

With clinically proven formulations, Spotlight Oral Care products are free from any nasties. Anything that goes into your mouth is directly absorbed into your bloodstream without passing through your stomach and metabolic pathways. So ask yourself what's in your oral care products. Spotlight Oral Care products are currently running 20 per cent off RRP in Joyce's for a limited time only.


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