Bring your dream home to life with Komandor

Receiving the plans and renders for your forever home is an exciting moment. However the most common mistake the team at Komandor see clients struggle with is budgeting their fitted furniture (kitchens and wardrobes ).

Tips for designing your forever home

Think of your lifestyle: Create storage around the items you can never find a home for, eg, schoolbags and golf clubs.

The future: When the Komandor team design for a child’s bedroom, they design with a teenager/adult in mind, Paint, bed covers, and accessories can be updated as the child grows, but realistically your current two-year-old will one day be a 20-year-old using the same wardrobe.

Budget: Prepare your interior budget as whole. What are you prepared to spend in total?

Prioritise: Break your budget down to each room. Write down what you are willing to invest, and the items and finishes you would prefer not to compromise on or live without.

Get quotes: If a company offers a free design service like Komandor does, send in your floor plans and book the appointment. This will give you a realistic quote rather than an estimate.

Mood boards: Don’t just have folders on Pinterest and screenshots of what you love. Print the photos, cut them out of magazines. Buy an A4 sketch pad and make a mood board for each room.

Plan early: From the moment you have your floor plans Komandor can provide you a quote, the company's fitters will fit on site once plastering and floors are completed, so everything will be ready before you move in.

Komandor designers are Safe Pass compliant, so a visit to your site is a breeze. The best part is seeing your future walk-in wardrobe or sliding wardrobe come to life in Komandor's 3D software – watch your forever home come to life.


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