Be injury free with hyperbaric oxygenation at OxyGeneration

Do not let an injury hold you back. Hyperbaric oxygenation at OxyGeneration is beneficial for a range of sports injuries including muscle and tendon damage, muscle fatigue, bone breakages, joint inflammation, ACL, and recovery post-surgery.

A 60 minute session of hyperbaric oxygenation allows oxygen to penetrate deeply into blood, plasma, and cerebral fluids, increasing healing and circulation where it is needed most in the body. Due to the pressurised nature of the therapy, oxygen can pass into the smallest areas of the body that would ordinarily be deprived and promote healing at a much higher rate than normal. By increasing the supply of oxygen to injured or compromised areas, users of hyperbaric oxygenation can experience quicker healing of soft tissues, ligaments and fractures, and a significant reduction in swelling and pain.

As well as the healing powers of hyperbaric oxygenation, the therapy is also used widely by world famous athletes for maintenance and injury avoidance, as well as performance enhancement. Hyperbaric oxygenation is relaxing and non-invasive, so give your body an overdue boost of healing and start the road to a pain free recovery today.

To book a session, visit or call (091 ) 394444 to speak to one of the experienced team members.


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