Joyce’s winning combination for Race Week

This year's Galway Races are taking place behind closed doors but that does not mean we won’t be celebrating in style at home. And if you're looking for a forecast, Champagne and rosé is always a good bet.

For some, the Galway Races means Champagne on ice, and that is something the team at Joyce’s Supermarkets can wholeheartedly get behind. When it comes to Champagne, one brand that always springs to mind is Moët & Chandon. Since 1743, a deeply rooted sense of time has been woven into the very fabric of Moët & Chandon for good reason: a good Champagne cannot be hurried.

At Moët & Chandon, the making of a fine Champagne rests on age-old traditions. It begins with the observation and care of nature by the house’s winegrowers, who work with the rhythm of the seasons. In winter, while nature seems to hibernate, winegrowers are busy pruning the vines. As spring awakens the plants, growers are out caring for emerging buds to improve the prospect of the harvest. Climate in Champagne is variable, and by June, when the vines bloom into flowers, winegrowers enter the delicate phase of protecting the vines from excessive herb growth and a variety of other environmental threats. In late summer or early autumn, harvest is timed with vigilance to the maturity of the grapes. It may take a mere second to pop a champagne cork and share with loved ones, but the memories will be sure to last a lifetime.

If champagne is not your thing, why not embrace the rosé lifestyle. A renowned rosé, Whispering Angel has the distinction of being among the best known and one of the most thoroughly enjoyable wines in the world. Located in the heart of Provence, on exceptional and elevated land near the Gorges de Pennafort on the Mediterranean coast lies Chateau d'Esclans, a prestigious estate and winery producing some of today’s leading rosé wines. Château d’Esclans is known for its old Grenache vines, the primary grape grown on the property, which produce grapes that offer greater concentration of flavour than the younger vines. So raise a glass and join the rosé lifestyle.

Visit your local Joyce's Supermarket for more ideas to celebrate Race Week at home.

Please drink responsibly.


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