A taste of summer: Iceland Ireland shares its top picks for sunny days.

Iceland Caroline Reaper Range

Iceland Caroline Reaper Range

The Irish summer is well and truly here, and there is no better way to celebrate than by adding some new delicious summer favourites to your freezer drawer to enjoy when the sun comes out with so many choices to choose from.

Think you can handle the heat? Why not take a walk on the wild side with Iceland Ireland’s scarily spicy with Carolina Reaper range. Made with the world’s spiciest chili pepper, the exclusive Carolina Reaper range includes choices that are sure to please every meat lover, Chili Chicken Wings (RRP €3.75 ), Chicken Strips (RRP €3.75 ) and Chicken Chunks (RRP €3.75 ). 

If traditional burgers are more up your street then look no further than the aisles of Iceland Ireland as there are lots to choose from, all perfect for the barbecue. The classic double cheese burger (four pack RRP €2.50 ) is always a firm favourite along with the 100 per cent beef quarter pounder (four pack RRP €2.50 ).

Do you fancy something a bit special? Why not try the succulent luxury butter beef burger (two pack RRP €3.00 ). This burger is made using a unique combination of beef and butter to make the juiciest burgers, drawing its inspiration from the famous Wisconsin butter burger.

For something completely different, why not try Iceland Ireland’s southern fried fish burger (two pack RRP €3.00 ) or minted lamb quarter pounders (four pack RRP €3.00 ).

For those all grilled out, Iceland Ireland has some great summer alternatives such as the new ultra-thin pizzas range. This quartet of Italian inspired pizzas is available with a variety of flavourful toppings including hot pepperoni, four cheese, sweet chili chicken, and chicken tikka (RRP €2.00 ).

Iceland Ireland has also some great summer fish options including its delicious fish fillet strips and chunks range, giving the humble fish strips a gourmet twist with some adventurous new flavours. For just €4 a pack, the versatile new fish fillet strips come in a range of seasonings that will keep the whole family happy with Hot & Spicy, Southern Fired, Salt & Vinegar, and Chip Shop Curry all a part of the flavour line-up.

There is always room for dessert. Why not treat yourself to a refreshing ice-lolly or ice-cream to cool off. Iceland Ireland has an ocean of options to choose from, including a new addition to the range that might take your fancy. This summer you can treat yourself to Iceland Ireland’s raspberry and mango solo smoothie bars (10 pack RRP €3.00 ).

For the chocolate lovers among us, Iceland Ireland’s Majestics range is sure to serve up some creamy goodness. With the addition of new flavours such as cookies and cream (four pack RRP €2.50 ), chocolate truffle (four pack RRP €2.50 ), chocolate and hazelnut truffle (four pack RRP €2.50 ), and Belgian milk and white chocolate minis (four pack RRP €3.00 ), you will be spoiled for choice.

All products are available now in all 27 Iceland Ireland stores nationwide.


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