Another gripping finale as season 20 ends on Ros na Rún tonight

Sorcha is wracked by her guilty conscience.

Sorcha is wracked by her guilty conscience.

Ros na Rún, Ireland’s only rural TV drama is gearing up to its season finale tonight (Thursday ) with compelling and complex stories of deceit, aggression, anger and narcissism. It appears the entire village is hiding something or a secret from someone to protect themselves at all costs. The TG4 drama comes to a highly dramatic and breath taking end at 8.30pm.

Andy is in court doing an excellent job representing himself until his sister Bernie takes the stand. Will she convince the jury that her brother is the actual villain she’s experienced all her life?

Guilt and confusion is also forced upon poor Nathan, this seasons new comer who took the bait of his estranged father, Andy while also falling at the behest of a selfish Sorcha. This costs poor Nathan the respect of his new found relationship with his mother, Bobbi Lee and aunt Bernie. Is there a way back for the shattered Nathan? Can the guilty Sorcha make amends for the ruination of Nathan in Bobbi Lee’s eyes. Will Sorcha do the decent thing and have the courage to face up to her lies or is she far too afraid of the manipulative, Briain, who uses his public sombre face to shield the real and rather unscrupulous character he has become.

Caitriona continues to go deeper down her tunnel of money arrears, and lies, with absolutely no conscience for her betrayal of everyone around her. Her selfish ways will stop at nothing to hide her scheming and spiralling debt situation and she does all in her power to maintain her cover, and forges yet another theft. Will Frances get to the bottom of the missing Credit Card before more money disappears?

To add to Frances’s woes is Malachai, who is suffocating her, and she can’t shake him off. Has Michelle’s millions anything to do with his stifling behaviour? How will Frances suppress Malachi’s overwhelming attention?

The Daly Family are broken, Katy is doing everything she possibly can to show her poor father that Dee has ridiculed and all but destroyed her. Playing fire with fire to out Dee’s complete narcissistic, coercive control and bullying ways, Katy’s running out of energy and is walking a fine line but she’s determined to prove her innocence to her father and Mack. But will she get past the conniving and cruel Dee and hold her ground and protect herself finally?

Ros na Rún closes its 24th season with yet another breathtaking finale which brings the subject of narcissism and coercive control in society to the fore, while also highlighting dramatic relationships, lies, deceit, financial issues, not to mention the challenges of affairs, and open relationships on families and friendships.

In the current lockdown of 2020 writers of the Irish language soap opera will certainly whet the appetite of the loyal Ros na Rún fan base with more intriguing stories for season 25 as well as welcomingnew comers to test the patience of Tadhg and many more familiar faces.


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