The ultimate guide to wedding necklines

Belladonna Bridal wedding dress

Belladonna Bridal wedding dress

On the hunt for your dream gown? We're discussing the most popular wedding dress necklines to help you ace your bridal shopping experience and find the dress that makes you feel special.

To start with, this go-to guide will help you narrow down some of your initial wedding dress neckline favourites:


A strapless dress should sit snugly across the bust and under the arms with a secure fastening at the back. A very modern look, the strapless dress is a hugely popular choice for brides right now and provides an opportunity to show off some beautiful statement jewellery.


This summery neckline comes together at the back of the neck, hugging the neck, leaving the back, shoulders and arms bare. This is a very flattering style for most brides and helps avoid the ‘underarm pouch’ that some ill-fitting strapless dresses can give you.


This is perhaps the most romantic of necklines! The sweetheart neckline has proved a timeless and adored style for brides across the globe thanks to its feminine and romantic look. A sweetheart neckline forms a natural heart shape across your bust, with a slight dip in the middle to show a hint of cleavage. It works well with bigger busted brides, as the curves add softness and balance.


High necklines are pretty much what they say on the tin – dresses with the chest and back covered with fabric, beading or lace. A high collar is ideal with long earrings to highlight a long neck.


The V Neckline is formed by two diagonal lines from the shoulder that meets on the chest, with the plunging ‘V’ shape exposing the neck. This style is great for brides who want to minimise their bust while giving the impression of height in the neck, evening out the bodice length.


This neckline shows off the collarbone with straps that rest at the top of your arms, just below the shoulders. It's an ultra-romantic style and a favourite for summer, beach, boho, and destination weddings.

If the choice seems overwhelming, you can experiment at your first bridal appointment, too! Ask the stylist to select a variety of dress necklines, fabrics and silhouettes, so you can try them on and find your perfect wedding gown. 

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