Interesting Irish Good Luck Superstitions

Everyone will have heard of sayings which suggest people have the luck of the Irish, or something similar. And, Irish good luck and superstitions are commonly associated with people playing their favourite games at land-based venues or a casino online, as you will expect. When luck is on a person’s side, good things often happen. So, it’s understandable there are many Irish good luck superstitions around today.

Counting Cars

So, we start this list by mentioning death. But it’s for a good reason. In Irish culture, death is taken seriously. And there’s a suggestion before someone close to you dies, you’ll hear the scream of the banshee. However, one thing you mustn’t do in relation to death is count the cars trailing the hearse as it travels to the graveyard. If you do, the number of vehicles you count equals how many years you will then have to live. So, if you want to stay in good standing where luck is concerned, don't count the cars.

Dropping Cutlery

You could say it’s going too far when you have superstitions that involve the dropping of pieces of cutlery. However, all bases are covered where this legend is concerned, which gives it some form of credibility. If a knife was to fall on the floor, a person should expect a gentleman caller. A fork dripping will result in a lady calling round. And, if it’s a spoon which hits the deck, a child will be at the door. So, in effect, you could tip out the cutlery draw and have yourself a party.

Throwing A Boot

Weddings are arguably the event on the calendar which have the most superstitions surrounding them. Especially where the Irish are concerned. This superstition involves throwing a boot after either the bride, groom or both together; to ensure they have good luck moving forward. The ritual can take place on the morning of the wedding, or after the service has taken place. So, it could be a fantastic way to bring luck to the couple ahead of the nuptials, or for their life together, moving forwards.

Avoid Red-Haired Maidens

There are a lot of people in Ireland with red hair, so, it’s to be expected there are several myths surrounding red hair and luck. In this case, it’s red-haired maidens, and it appears as though you should avoid them if you want to have a good day and a decent amount of luck. A market trader who sees a red-haired maiden is said to go on and sell nothing for the rest of the day. While, if a person were to see a red-haired woman early in the morning, bad luck would follow them all day.

Some may say the luck of the Irish and superstitions are urban legends and myths. However, they remain popular all around the world. In casinos, for example, players will put some superstitions and rituals into action, believing they will help to deliver a streak of good luck.


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