Pouffe, and the trend has begun

This may have been the year of potted plants and vibrant velvet, but 2020 is here and it is safe to say “the year of the pouffe” is well and truly under way. Today, EZ Living Furniture is telling us just how useful pouffes can be, without the need to sacrifice style.

Create the perfect perch

If you live in a small apartment or are in need of extra seating without committing to a set of chairs, a pouffe will be the perfect compromise.

Create a children's corner

If you have small children, a safe corner for them to socialise might be exactly what they both need and love. Plus pouffes are compact enough to be easily stored away when friends come to play.

Make it move mountains

One of the greatest things about a pouffe is its versatility. A pouffe can either be a perfect accessory for an armchair, act as a flawless footstool, or it can become a tray for drinks, books, and newspapers.

Storage saver

We all know “the chair” — clothes are placed on it that are too dirty for the closet but too clean for the laundry. If you are familiar with “the chair” then you will be happy to hear of its new and improved replacement — “the chairdrobe”. If you are not strong enough to give up “the chair” just yet, why not wean yourself off gently by adding a pouffe instead. A pouffe will still provide a storage but without the excess mess.

Pleasing pouffes

Pouffes are not only compact and practical, they are also exceptionally pleasing to the eye. If you want to add style or a theme to your room, a pouffe is sure to be your best friend.

To see EZ Living Furniture’s new pouffe collection, simply visit www.ezlivingfurniture.ie


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