I have nothing to wear……

Can't find anything to wear? It is usually not due to a lack of clothes, but because of the chaotic arrangement in our wardrobes.

Komandor Wardrobes on the Sean Mulvoy Road says everyone needs to declutter – preferably at least twice a year, spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Firstly, they say, select a group of clothes worn often, which are a good size and loved. Hang them or put them in the wardrobe first as these are keepers.


• Keep works clothes at eye level, hanging in a section together and on the same shelf - easy to find when we are half asleep. Better yet, when putting clothes away, hang them up as outfits so you only need to grab one hanger in the morning!

• If you have deep shelves and want to make the most of them, put the clothes into “groups”. The ones you put in the back are clothes worn less often.

•Divide the rest of the shelves into different types of clothing: jumpers, dresses and skirts, T-shirts, etc. When each type of clothing has a home it is much easier to find and put away.

Everyone has things in their wardrobe they no longer wear, but for various reasons, they cannot throw away. In this situation, ask these questions:

Do I love the item? Is it sentimental? Is it the right size/fit? Was it worn in the last six months?

If the answer is yes to half of the above questions, it is worth keeping. If, however, the answer “no” to half… well, it is time to say goodbye to it

For any one planning a new wardrobe in 2020, visit Komandor Wardrobes on the Sean Mulvoy Road, Galway, where they will take all of the above into consideration when designing. "Creating a space for clothes which is organised, functional and beautiful."


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