4 Great Reasons to Invest in a Heat Recovery Unit

There is a constant push towards more energy efficiency nowadays, and more homeowners are making it a priority. And to meet energy efficiency standards, heating and ventilation have to be part of the equation.

One of the best ways to make your ventilation and heating more efficient is by going for a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery unit. These use ambient air that has been heated or conditioned to temper air that is coming from the outside, which allows you to reduce costs. These ventilation systems are also some of the most efficient on the market, and can work wonders for air quality as well. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should invest in a heat recovery unit.

Energy Efficiency

Whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint or cut on your utility bills, MVHR systems will allow you to do both. MVHR systems allow homeowners to save some of the heat that would’ve been expelled through a traditional ventilation system, which relieves some of the stress put on the central heating system. In some cases, these savings can go up to 96% depending on the unit.

Nuaire systems, for instance, are known as some of the most efficient on the market and have a solid reputation for performance and durability. If you want to learn more about Nuaire air recovery units, we suggest you check out BPC Ventilation and their selection of products.

Health Advantages

In addition to keeping you comfortable all year long, MVHR units also have tons of health advantages as well. One of the best things about these systems is that they limit condensation, which is one of the main reasons for mould forming.

These units allow for a continuous flow of fresh air to enter the house, without the air getting dried up by excessive heating. And since the air is automatically tempered as it enters the house, you’ll feel no cold drafts. Continuous airflow also means no bad odours, better elimination of volatile organic compounds, and no CO2 peaks either.

It’s a Great Selling Point

Another benefit of adding a MVHR ventilation system into your house is the appreciation in value. More homeowners are looking for more cost and energy-efficient homes and knowing that they’ll be able to save more money while getting better air quality could be a huge selling point for them. Not only that, but it’s also something some buyers will look for specifically when buying a home. Having a MVHR system can never hurt, but not having one could be a deal breaker to some.

Less Noise and More Security

Another side benefit of MVHR units is that you can now enjoy more peace and quiet and leave your windows shut at all times. That means no more dealing with outside noise, or the chances of an intruder coming in. With an MVHR system, you’ll enjoy some of the best air quality ever, even if your building is completely air tight.

As you can see, heat recovery units have tons of things going for them. If you were thinking of installing one, you should definitely give them a closer look, and don’t be afraid to speak with a professional that will show you the best options for your home.


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