Drinks, arcade gaming, and craic at Electric

Level up in Donkey Kong, bash buttons on Space Invaders, or run away from ghosts in Pac-Man

IF YOU have never played classic arcade games like Donkey Kong or Space Invaders, or if you did back in the day, and want to do so all over again, Electric is the place to be.

Electric Arcade, 36 Abbeygate Street, is where allowing your inner nerd or geek to roam free is very cool, as you level up in Donkey Kong, bash buttons on Space Invaders, run away from ghosts in Pac-Man, or compete for the reigning title of Dance Dance Revoution. While there, you can also order a video game-themed cocktail, such as the Espresso-Mariotini - from a bartender who will understand (and appreciate ) your nerdy references.

Electric Arcade is a bar, restaurant, arcade, and event space in one. It is also home to the Super Smash Bros Tournaments on the Nintendo Switch, as well as weekly themed movie nights. Game tokens are €1 for two but are free on Tuesdays. Electric Arcade also offers a fully immersive VR experience where players pair up to take down slimy zombies in a heart racing shoot out. You can also enjoy munch pulled jackfruit vegan nachos alongside a nerve-wracking game of Jenga.

See www.electricgalway.com


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