Insulate your home in 2020 and enjoy the benefits for years to come

West Coast Insulation is a leading installer of home insulation in Galway and Mayo. The company has been installing home insulation for more than 10 years. Its success is largely down to two key areas — using the best products and having experienced and professional staff. Being a family company, West Coast Insulation has always prided itself on providing the highest quality service.

For cavity wall insulation, West Coast Insulation installs EcoBead Platinum, which is the highest quality bead available. The team also keep the injection holes closer together than required and use larger compressors to ensure walls are always insulated 100 per cent. For attic insulation, Knauf insulation is installed to bring the depth to 300mm which gives the best possible U-value. All water tanks, pipes, and attic doors are also lagged and insulated as part of the process. This will stop tanks and pipes from freezing in cold weather.

For some good news at this time of the year, the Galway company has announced it will continue to offer an increased grant amount of €1,123 into 2020. The company is also continuing to take the grant directly off the price, which covers a high percentage of the cost. West Coast Insulation has an agreement with SEAI, which provides the grants, that the company can handle the paperwork on behalf of the homeowner. This means homeowners get their grants taken directly off the price and no longer have to wait for grant refunds.

John Folan from West Coast Insulation said: “Once a home is properly insulated, the homeowners will feel the house is naturally at a warmer temperature and once the heating is on, the house will retain the heat much longer. Draughts and air circulating from the attic can also be an issue, so we always draught proof and insulate all attic access doors. We have seen some very cold spells this year and I think a lot of people realised that insulating is not only cost effective, but necessary in cold spells.”

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