Laughter in the Eyre - Comedy Carnival on RTÉ 2

An hour-long look back at last October's festival

Photo:- Kernan Andrews

Photo:- Kernan Andrews

THE VODAFONE Comedy Carnival Galway - Ireland’s biggest comedy festival - brings hundred of comedians and thousands of comedy fans to the city every October, and next week sees a chance to relive a bit of that hilarity.

Laughter in the Eyre - Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway, featuring footage from the festival and capturing the festival spirit of Galway city, will be shown on Thursday January 30 at 10.30pm on RTÉ 2.

Presented by Anna Clifford and Karl Spain, it will feature some of the big names from the festival such as Andrew Maxwell, Reginald D Hunter, Terry Alderton, Jo Caulfield, and Seann Walsh, as well as many new faces from the array of talent which has made the Carnival such a huge success year after year. The show is a Vodafone Comedy Carnival production.

The team behind the festival has said Laughter in the Eyre is "a fine showcase for Irish comedy, the festival, and the city", and it has also issued a "huge thanks" to all the festival sponsors, "especially the title sponsors Vodafone Ireland whose continued support of live comedy has made the festival such a success, and made Laughter in the Eyre possible. A major thank you is also due to the Galway City Council for supporting the festival and the TV programme, but the biggest thank you must go to the wonderful audiences whose unbridled joy makes it all so special."


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