Tech company seeks adventurous soul to relocate to Canada

“Men wanted for hazardous journey,” began Shackleton’s famous ad for crewmembers on his South Pole expedition. One Galway tech company, Ex Ordo, is looking to hire an explorer of their own. Like an Antarctic expedition, the going won’t be easy. But for the right woman or man, it could be the adventure of a lifetime.

Ex Ordo employs 15 people in Galway City amidst a thriving tech sector, and the company plans to open its first office outside Ireland – in Canada – later this year. To do this, they need the help of an exceptional customer success professional. The role requires relocating to Toronto and taking the first difficult steps in the journey of expanding Ex Ordo’s reach across North America. And the right candidate will need buckets of gumption alongside customer success savvy.

Ex Ordo is the brainchild of Galwayman Paul Killoran. Back when Paul was an NUIG student, he was tasked with helping his supervisor run an academic conference. When he searched for software to help him manage the academic papers submitted to the conference, he was so dismayed by what he found that he coded his own. The result is Ex Ordo, a web application that’s now used to help run scientific conferences at universities like Oxford, Harvard and Princeton, and at non-profits around the globe.

”Ex Ordo’s technology accelerates knowledge for the world’s brightest people. It helps connect researchers who are working to tackle our planet’s burning issues: like carbon emissions, cancer and food security,” said Mr Killoran. “Now, we need a unique person to be our first boots on the ground in North America. They’ll represent our company, our culture and our ambition over there. This is our first step in becoming an Irish multinational, born and raised in Galway.”

The customer-focused role will take “courage, self-belief and lots of trial and error. It’s not going to be easy, but we promise you won’t be bored,” Ex Ordo’s advertisement reads.


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