FCL mathematics booking now for January

Children who are good at maths at the age of nine (third class ) are more likely to be more confident going into secondary school. This is the finding of research (Growing Up in Ireland ) from the ESRI. Having good maths skills in third class is a critical factor in helping with the transition to secondary level. One of the key findings was that students who disliked maths at primary level were also more likely to find maths difficult after the transition to second level. It is evident that fostering foundational skills in maths at primary level was crucial to a later positive engagement with the subject.

If your child is struggling at maths, First Class Learning can help. Whether he/she is behind in class or want to improve on his/her current level, the FCL programme is individually designed to help students become more confident and less stressed about this core subject. One of the keys to success in maths is having a solid fluency in the foundational maths skills that are taught in primary school. Too often, students do not get sufficient practice in the basic skills, and so lack the confidence needed to tackle the more complex ideas that appear in secondary school mathematics and beyond. Students feel that they are “no good at maths”.

Feeling confident at these central skills means students are not afraid to meet the more complex mathematical ideas. To acquire this competency needs practice — the same as practice in music, sport, languages or reading. The key is “little and often” — important information is practised in a cycle until it can be accurately repeated by the student.

First Class Learning Galway runs supplementary maths programmes to help children with these vital core skills. The programmes were created by experienced specialists in maths and are aligned with the Irish curriculum. Courses are designed to be flexible and responsive to the individual requirements of each child. The emphasis is on mastery of the fundamental maths skills needed to succeed academically and in later life.

There are limited places available in the Oranmore classes on Thursdays and Saturdays, and in the Salthill class on Fridays for January 2020. For more information and to book an assessment contact Frank Murphy at 086 3724617, galway @firstclasslearning.ie, or see www.firstclasslearning.ie


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