Getting ready for the Christmas with Plexus Bio Energy

The lead up to Christmas can be very stressful for lots of people due to financial and emotional issues, but it is up to ourselves how we deal with this stress. It is not all about the material things, it is about our mental health and how we feel — good company, a nice meal, warmth, and little gifts as gestures — are what Christmas is about.

The team at Plexus Bio Energy find people become stressed every year, but once they can relax after balancing their energies, they can focus on their health and the important things in life.

“It is so important to keep the mind balanced, as mental health is a big problem in our society and very much a hidden issue," said Tina Forkan and Michael O’Gara from Plexus Bio Energy. "We need to reach out and help those people, not ignore it, as it’s an awkward subject.

“At Plexus Bio Energy, we deal with these problems every day. To listen, balance the brain hemispheres, and reassure a person can make such a difference. The biggest reason people with mental health issues don’t express how they feel is because they fear they will be judged.

“There are always ways of dealing with issues if our minds are balanced," they added. "Otherwise, when our minds are blocked, we can create problems that don’t even exist, worrying about things that may never happen. It is important for people to live in the present moment. The past is gone and the future will take care of itself."

Plexus Bio Energy will hold a clinic from Saturday December 14 to Thursday December 19. To book an appointment contact Michael O'Gara or Tina Forkan at 091 568855 or 087 2810055. Gift vouchers are available.


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