Reduce your energy consumption with the Bosch heat pump dryer at N17 Superstores

Combining a sleek design and useful features, the Bosch heat pump tumble dryer will make a great addition to your home.

Because it has an 8kg drum capacity, it can easily help with laundry days in medium-sized households. The efficient A++ energy rating means it will not be too taxing on your utility bills either. This is all thanks to clever heat pump technology, which constantly recycles hot air inside the drum to waste less energy, making it kind to the environment as well. It also has an intelligent SelfCleaning Condenser™ which washes itself during each cycle, so you know it is always working at its absolute best.

Heat pump tumble dryers are super-efficient, but to save the most energy, programmes may take a little longer to dry your clothes than on standard dryers. It is important not to overload the drum either, so it can perform at its best. Dry everything from synthetics to down jackets, all thanks to the clever technology of the Bosch heat pump dryer.

What is the point of having a dryer if your clothes are still wet when it is done with them? Thankfully, this dryer has an electric damp detector that just will not allow something like that to happen. Instead, it will prolong the drying cycle whenever necessary, so you are always pleasantly surprised. And with AutoDry, you only need to press a button and the machine will do the rest.

See the Bosch heat pump dryer for yourself now on display at N17 Superstores, Milltown and Briarhill Business Park. For more information visit


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