When Faust met Frankenstein...

New satirical play by by Tommy Baker and Brendan Murphy explores 'political occultism, chaos magic, and conspiracy theory'

MARY SHELLY'S Frankenstein is a powerful exploration of the consequences of science without ethics and a demand for a duty of care and responsibility to the things we create.

The story of Faust, as portrayed by Goethe and Marlowe is a warning against unlimited ambition and a life where ethics plays no part. Both these characters are about to be fused in Doctor Frankenfaust by Galway's Fragile Theatre Company, at the Nuns Island Theatre.

Taking inspiration from such high camp Gothic as James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein, and old Hammer Horror films, Doctor Frankenfaust, by Tommy Baker and Brendan Murphy, is a multimedia satirical play incorporating animation, puppetry, acting, and sculpture, exploring themes of modern political occultism, chaos magic and conspiracy theory.

Doctor Frankenfaust is on Thursday October 31 and Friday November 1 at 8pm. Admission is €12.


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