How to Stay Sane on a Long Flight with the Family

With the temperatures falling, getting away for a family break when the kids are on holiday from school is a great option during autumn and winter. A chance to de-stress and grab a little sunshine, make some fabulous memories and spend quality time together. However, you know you’re going to be so relaxed and have lots of fun once you get there, but before that, there’s the dreaded journey. Flying with kids can be pretty traumatic when you’re not prepared and even when they’re settled, you’ve got hours of just sitting there to get through. Here are our top tips for making your journey as pleasurable and stress free as possible…

Get to the airport early

It may seem counter-intuitive to spend more time than necessary at the airport, but it’s certainly the best way to keep your journey stress free. With enough time to spare, you won’t end up in a pickle if your car breaks down, just make sure you have breakdown cover with onward travel included, or if you get lost of stuck in traffic. A mad dash to catch a flight can make you incredibly stressed and everyone else will pick up on that. There are plenty of distractions at the airport, you can browse the shops or book into an airport lounge and start your holiday feeling relaxed. This is a great place to chat about all the fun things you’re going to do on your holiday and when everyone is excited, the journey to your eagerly awaited destination becomes part of the fun. If your journey to the airport is a long one, you could consider staying at an airport hotel the night before your flight. No rush in the morning and a longer lie in if your flight is an early one. That will help to stop everyone getting grumpy due to a lack of sleep!

Prepare for every eventuality

Being well prepared goes a long way when it comes to travelling. Make lots of lists so you don’t forget anything important. Double check your travel documents and passports and make sure you have everything you might just need such as anti-sickness medication and a change of clothes for any spills or accidents.

Don’t rely on airline food

Plane food can often leave a lot to be desired and if you have fussy eaters in your party, you can’t simply go to the fridge and prepare something else as you would at home. So bring plenty of snacks and alternatives with you in case the airline food isn’t to your liking. Snacking is also a welcome distraction to help pass the time.

Get your entertainment at the ready

Boredom can be the biggest problem on a flight. You’re sat in your seat for hours on end and if your little ones are full of energy, they can’t run around to burn it off so you need to keep them and yourself entertained. You may have an in-flight entertainment system on your plane but don’t count on it. Many budget airlines don’t offer this luxury and even if they do, they sometimes malfunction and cannot be fixed during your flight so plan some other fun distractions for your journey. Take a mobile phone or tablet and download some films before you go and install some games. Travel board games, puzzle and colouring books can all help to while away the hours. Don’t forget your own entertainment too. Perhaps an e-book to read, or if the plane has Internet access this can be well worth the extra fee. You can then check your travel arrangements, post about your journey on social media and enjoy a few games on MobileBet or other fun games to play the time will pass so quickly.

Pack some little surprises

Offering up little treats and gifts at regular intervals throughout the flight will keep the kids interested and occupied. A new toy will be well received, perhaps a new game or book, or a cuddly toy when it’s time for a nap.

Look after your health

Be sure to drink plenty of water on your flight and keep moving. Take time to stroll up and down the aisle when it’s quiet and do some exercises and if you can get a little sleep then do so, leaving you feeling refreshed for the journey to your hotel after you’ve landed. When your body is well looked after, your mind will follow and you’ll be much better able to cope with a long journey. When you look after yourself, you’re much better able to stay calm and ensure the rest of the family are happy and comfortable.


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