Soaps, suds and plastic free shower items

Considering the environment in the decisions and purchases you make in your daily life has now reached a point of necessity. Although in global terms many environmental issues require political drive and legislation, we can adopt a more conscious mindset to help our planet and can begin with even the smallest changes.

As many environmentalists and scientists stress the importance of environmental awareness it is time for us to examine our plastic usage and its far-reaching implications. The bathroom is one area in which the use of plastic is particularly noticeable. As the majority of its products are not designed to last (no reusable toilet paper found here ), brands and businesses have begun to create toiletry items that are kind to the environment.

It is easier to change than you think. More often than not, although many of us would like to utilise eco-friendly items, they can be a struggle to find in our local stores and purchasing shower gel, for example, online is not always manageable.

Here we will take a look at the simple products and steps that can make using your bathroom morally cleansing too! An item (I hope ) we all use every morning is a toothbrush. Made from hard plastic with a short shelf life, when discarded it can end up polluting the oceans. The solution? Bamboo. Taking only six months to biodegrade (as opposed to plastic which takes 500+ years ), simply switching once your old toothbrush becomes unusable can prevent a lot of unnecessary plastic in our seas. Such toothbrushes can be purchased online for very cheap prices and many even offer to ship in bulk to save time.

To accompany this planet friendly toothbrush why not consider purchasing organic and plastic free toothpaste? The toothpaste we purchase in plastic tubes ends up in the same way as our toothbrushes and yet they are a product that are generally forgotten about. According to, using natural and organic ingredients like coconut oil in glass jars can be an alternative to toothpaste.

Also, as a contrast to our traditional ideas of dental products, toothpaste tablets have sparked interest among eco friendly enthusiasts. Packaged in a recyclable glass jar, one tablet can be chewed, turned into a teeth cleaning foam perfect for brushing those pearly whites. Convenient and clean.

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body wash - so many of our daily products are held in environmentally damaging containers that we dispose of frequently because of the nature of the products. In response to this, shampoo and body wash bars have become a growing trend in eco-friendly circles and among a growing population of environmentally conscious people.

With little or no waste, having shower products condensed into bars means not only a happy environment but happy skin as generally fewer chemicals and organic ingredients are used in their creation. These items also extend to the sink and the handwash we use. Soap is an excellent alternative to the hand wash contained in plastic packaging that we use on a daily basis. Find soaps in an array of fragrances including lavender, honey and rosemary that contain moisturising agents to keep our hands happy while limiting our usage of plastic.

These little steps towards change make a colossal difference to your engagement with the environment and plastic while saving you money in the process. In times like these, such moves are vital for the future of the planet.


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