Top tips while on a test drive

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Thinking of buying yourself a new car?

Why not have a look at a second hand vehicle as a year old car can be up to 27 per cent cheaper than a new model. But remember there are many questions to ask before you part with your cash for a new set of wheels. One of the most crucial is asking for a test drive.

Here at the Galway Advertiser we give you the top three tips to look out for during a test drive.

1. Judge a car by its cover

Before getting into a car, have a walk around, inspecting for dents, scratches, and rust. This can be an indication of how well the current owner has looked after the car as well as its current health. Established dealers will not put a car on showcase unless it has been fully checked and repaired but you cannot be sure of that with a private seller. Top tip is to check the car's NCT certificate. If it is out by a long time, then walk away.

2. Check the oil level

Feel the engine. Is it warm? The current owner may have pre-heated the engine to disguise a problem. If cold, check the dipstick. The oil should be a yellow, light brown colour. Dark oil means bad maintenance.

3. Test the electrics

One of the biggest faults in cars now is non-engine electrics. Test all gadgets and switches during the test drive. It can be easy to forget about certain gadgets such as the windows and sun roof in winter or the lights during summer.

So there you have it. Three tips on what to look for when test driving a used car.

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