8 Reasons why Tiny Traders Village should be part of your Saturday routine!



In the short period of time since it's inception, Tiny Traders Village has made a name for itself as a complete foodie destination with locals coming every week to sample the huge array of international, local and fusion cuisine on offer. It is often said by visitors that they leave having eaten much more than they had planned to eat but having not eaten half of what they wanted to eat. With a great variety to choose from, there's something for everybody. TTV has become known particularly for its healthy fast food options and guilt-free delicacies. Top tip: bring your appetite


The food is of course only half of what is on offer at Tiny Traders Village as it is also home to some of the most eye catching, interesting, innovative, and beautiful handcrafted products in the West of Ireland ranging from paintings, clothes and skin creams to crystals and musical instruments making it the ideal place to buy a unique, rare gift or souvenir. Many of the traders also custom make their creations so the shopper can walk away with gifts completely personalised and suited to them. Top tip: keep an eye on competitions in the craft village, there are weekly opportunities to win prizes


Tiny Traders Village has often been described as a Microcosm of Galway city and with this, in mind, it will come as no surprise to hear that music plays a big part in making TTV what it is. With live performances from some of the most loved local musical acts every week to accompany the uber tasteful TTV Indie Playlist, you'll be sure to be bopping while you shop.

Top tip: download Shazam before you come down, there are some cracking tunes being played that you may not know


What is any place without its people? Apart from the treasure chest of products to be perused the lifeblood of the Tiny Traders Village is the traders that populate it. The market setting offers visitors a chance to meet the makers behind the products, and in doing so some of the very best local characters and personalities who are a friendly and interesting bunch. There is also a notable warm community vibe to the event which gives off distinctive energy. Top tip: ask traders about their processes and ideas, they love speaking about their products


Even though it is only a 5-minute walk from Quay Street and is situated in the heart of the city the Nuns Island Theatre is not only one of the most beautiful locations in Galway but one that is off the beaten path for many locals and visitors alike. The area itself is tucked away just around the corner from Galway's West End and a stone's throw away from The Cathedral but still is largely unknown and offers a much less hectic alternative from the hustle bustle of the ultra-busy Shop Street. Top tip: bring cash, the nearest ATM is a 5-minute walk away


Since the very beginnings of TTV fans have been very high in praise of the visitor experience as a whole, it is regularly said that it feels like so much more than just a market. TTV manages to find that nice middle ground of busy but relaxed and has a remarkably calm and welcoming environment that sees people spend hours at a time there as opposed to just going in, getting what you want and leaving. One can even get a message on site to further increase your relaxation. Top tip: get a message they're amazing and very inexpensive


It is always worth remembering that the way you spend your money has a big part to play in shaping the society you live in and the people who share it with you. Supporting small businesses and start-ups contributes greatly to the local economy and makes a big difference to the ethos of the

city and wellbeing of so many people who take great pride in going out on their own to bring their ideas to fruition. They don't come any smaller or more local than at Tiny Traders Village. Top tip: remember spending money wisely can mean more than saving a few quid


Ok so coming down to TTV won't halt global warming or clean our oceans but did you know that TTV is actually an eco-friendly market. Aside from the many eco, vegan, upcycled and sustainable products throughout the market it is a plastic free zone and all cutlery, bags and wrappers are fully compostable and bio degradable. Grassroots initiatives such as this should be commended, supported and copied. Top tip: you can even bring your old containers back for refilling repeatedly


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