Award winning children’s fitness RINKA opens in Claregalway

Awardwinning children’s fitness franchise RINKA has opened in Claregalway with exciting cretaive workouts available for children aged 3-5.

Trained RINKA instructor Eilis Codyre O’Connell says she is excited to be able to inspire children to love fitness.

“RINKA are multi-activity classes for children as young as three and teach all the fundamentals of fitness in a non-competitive environment.”

“The idea behind RINKA is to teach kids from a young age that fitness is fun. Habits are formed in childhood and we want to help children form healthy ones,” said Eilis.

“RINKA aims to provide a solution to childhood obesity by providing children with a fun, active class that develops a sense of self-confidence in a non-competitive, positive environment where children will have the freedom to develop at their own pace without any outside pressures of exams, performances o rcompetitions.”

Children in the Claregalway area currently taking part in these high energy programmes which began in April, are already seeing the benefits.

“We cater for a wide range of age groups, our classes for age 3-5 years are particularly popular and the kids have a blast when they come in,” added Eilis.

“At RINKA, our focus is on the children – we offer them a place where they know they matter, they are capable and they can have fun. We provide them with a guaranteed warm welcome, a genuine smile and aim to foster in them a love of an active, creative lifestyle.”

Eilis is currently taking bookings for her Summer Camp starting July 8 and spaces are limited. For enquiries you can contact Eilis on 086 0876422, [email protected] or on her Facebook page RINKA Kids Fitness Claregalway.


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