Sackbuts, shawms, and curtails - The York Waits are back

Don those crackowes for some dancing in Galway's mediaeval streets this weekend

The York Waits with Deborah Catterall.

The York Waits with Deborah Catterall.

THEY WILL be on the street, they will be in St Nicholas' Collegiate Church, and at a dance workshop. They are The York Waits, the English Renaissance music group, and they are coming to the Galway Early Music Festival.

For the festival, The York Waits, with soprano Deborah Catterall, will be performing on the streets (Saturday May 25, 12 noon to 2pm ), in concert at St Nicholas' (Saturday 25, 8pm ) and providing live music for a dance workshop, (Sunday 26, 2pm ).

Their performances will hear dances such as pavans, allmandes, galliards, and branles performed on sackbuts (a Renaissance/Baroque trombone ), shawms (a woodwind instrument ), and curtals (a predecessor of the bassoon ). There will also be bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, fiddle, guitar, pipe, and tabor, and songs of love, drink and merriment.

"The York Waits were our highlight band at the first festival 23 years ago," said festival director Maura Ó Cróinín, "and we know that they will delight you with their lively music in concert and around the town."

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