Free one hour interior design consultations at La Maison Chic

La Maison Chic is offering free one hour consultations in its Oranmore showroom. Call (086 ) 2242328 to make an appointment.

Why hire La Maison Chic? When you decide to redecorate your home, you should ask yourself a simple, but essential question: “DIY or hire a professional designer?”

If you have a busy career you probably don't even consider do-it-yourself as an alternative. Sure you've already got the Golden Pages in your hands or you are already browsing the web looking for that perfect interior design firm to redecorate your home. But if you are not so busy, why should you hire an interior designer? You have all that free time, why not do something useful with it? Because if you are not experienced with interior design, if you have no skill whatsoever, your attempt might end up in a redecorating disaster. You'll need someone to help you get organised and tell you approximately how much everything is going to cost.

Interior designers cost too. But hiring La Maison Chic, approved by the Irish Association of Interiors Designers, from the start will prevent you having to pay unexpected costs to correct design mistakes.

How do you know whether La Maison Chic will do the job right or not? That's quite simple; the first (and free ) consultation will be clear — after you clarify what colours you like, you will show the designers your home and the actual decorations, tiles, floors, etc, you can examine pictures of residences and styles, and La Maison Chic will identify your style. The designers will ask you personal questions related to hobbies, favourite colours, entertainment preferences, preferred movie stars, favourite music, cultural background, or others. A curious designer is a good designer.

La Maison Chic will never try to impose its style on you! They will use the information gathered in this first meeting to put together some ideas for the next meeting, when you will be shown plans, sketches, wallpaper samples, colour samples, fabric samples, and so on. Then you choose what you like, point out what you dislike, and let the designers do the rest. La Maison Chic’s tradesmen will complete your design from start to finish including tiling, painting, cabinetry, curtains, fittings, etc.

For house owners who want great interior design, a sense of wellbeing, call Laurent Billiet at La Maison Chic on (086 ) 2242328 or e-mail [email protected]


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