Hardiman demands City Hall make public statement on Corrib Great Southern site

Candidate also calls for Dawn Daries site to be added to Council Derelicts site register

Independent Galway City East candidate Pat Hardiman.

Independent Galway City East candidate Pat Hardiman.

The Corrib Great Southern has been closed for 11 years and been on the Galway City Council Derelicts site register in 2017, but when will action to taken on this "derelict pile" that is also attracting anti-social behaviour?

This is the question being asked by Independent Galway City East candidate Pat Hardiman, who has called the building an "eyesore", and is demanding City Hall take action on this issue.

Planning permission for demolition of the hotel was due to expire in March 2015 but the owners, the Comer Group and McHales from Clonbur, received an extension of two years up to March 2017. The owners were to be hit with an annual levy of €112,000 from January 2018.

Mr Hardiman is asking if the levy has been applied and if City Hall has been in discussion with owners regarding payment. He is calling on the council to make a public statement on the issue. "The Corrib Great Southern is one of the first buildings people see as they come into Galway city," he said. "What was once a prime hotel is now a derelict pile."

He also raised the issue of the Dawn Dairies site which has been closed for the past decade. Mr Hardiman called the site "unsightly" and called for it to be included on the council's derelicts site register.


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