New exhibition from Patrick F Rogers

Artist/animator displays latest work in Renzo Café

A detail from 'Standing Alone' by Patrick Rodgers.

A detail from 'Standing Alone' by Patrick Rodgers.

REFLECT REFRACT is the latest exhibition from artist/animator Patrick F Rogers, which deals with "human anatomy and the space in which it occupies". It is running in the Rezo Café on Eyre Street.

Rogers is a graduate of animation and motion design from Limerick School of Art and Design and in 2017 his animation work was shown in Miami, Cannes, and Los Angeles. He works in ink, watercolour, and gouache, and then digitally alters the resulting images.

Speaking about his work, the artist said: "My paintings are an investigation of the memory of space and human emotive curiosity. They explore the physical form by layering and overlapping physiological circumference, and contrasting it with the surface of some randomly selected landscapes - of the mind and sometimes the void of empty space surrounding them, echoing the discordance of physicality. I altered the figure from its original starting point, elongated limbs, added movement through animation of the arms and legs, gave the figure life, a moving painting."


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