Gardai to enforce road safety campaign

As the May Bank Holiday weekend approaches, An Garda Siochana is anxious to ensure anyone using a vehicle is aware of its bank holiday enforcement campaign.

Garda resources will be deployed with the aim of increasing compliance among road users and improving overall road safety. Motorists are advised that inappropriate speed, distraction driving – mobile phones, drink driving, and seatbelts are the greatest contributory factors to road deaths and serious injuries.

To date this year, 53 people have been killed on Irish roads with eight people being killed on western roads.

Bank holiday weekends are typically high risk periods due to the high volumes of traffic on the national road network. Drivers are being urged to be vigilant and to take all necessary steps to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users. Drivers are advised to allow plenty of time for their journeys and not to drive if they are tired.

Drivers should pay particular attention to the speed limit signs posted on all roads, especially on entering built up areas. Garda enforcement activity will be conducted on sections of the road network that have a propensity for speed related collisions and will target all vehicles, including commercial vehicles of all classifications.

Cyclists and pedestrians are asked to wear appropriate clothing during hours of darkness. Garda are advising that cyclists should ensure they have the correct lights, that they are in working order, and at all times they are obliged to adhere to the rules of the road. Motorists are asked to be conscious of cyclists and pedestrians using the roads. Pedestrians and cyclists should ensure that they are wearing Hi Viz clothing while on the roads and to be conscious of their safety at all times.

If you are going out socialising, put suitable arrangements in place to get home safely. Do not take a lift from a driver who has intoxicating liquor consumed.

Gardaí will be patrolling the road network throughout the western region over the May Bank Holiday weekend in both marked and unmarked vehicles and remind drivers that in addition to mandatory breath testing, they can be breath-tested if they commit any road traffic offence.


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