Galway City Council confirms more than half of houses in a Ballybane estate are empty

More than half of the housing units at a social housing development in the Fana Glas estate in Ballybane are vacant the Galway City Council has confirmed.

In a statement, the director of services of the Galway City Council, Dermot Mahon said that five out of eights units at the development were unoccupied and the local authority would bring forward proposals to redevelop the site.

Mr Mahon said; "[The] Galway City Council is aware of the estate management issues at Fana Glas. Five of the eight units at the specific location are vacant. The council intends to bring forward proposals to redevelop the site and plans are being prepared for same.

"The scheme will include remodelling of that section of the Fan Glas estate and possible development of additional units in the immediate vicinity."

The council's comments come after Independent councillor Noel Larkin hired a drone to expose the "destruction" of the development and claimed that it would cost the local authority several million to rebuild the situation.

Cllr Larkin said he understands one of the houses is currently being used as a stable for horses and that illegal burning is being carried out on a daily basis and huge quanities of waste material are being dumped around the site.

The Galway city east councillor called on the Government to take action expel unruly tenants. He said; "The level of anti-social behaviour and destruction of Galway City Council property has escalated to an alarming level. As a councillor, I am constantly dealing with anti-social behaviour. This is just nice wording for ignorant people who have no respect for properties they are given and have even less respect for their neighbours. Yet, these people get re-housed into different houses around Galway. It is well time that these destructive people were expelled from our communities.

"The Government need to take swift and tough action. They need to set up a taskforce to eradicate this disgraceful plague which has beset, not just our city, but our country. My solution would be not to re-house any person or family who destroy houses given to them. They should also be made pay for the refurbishment - even if it is over 20 years.

"It is very plain to see that our housing policy, nationwide, is simply not working."


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