Tips for advertising a holiday home

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For those fortunate enough to have the luxury of a holiday home, they will know the competition that comes when trying to attract guests to stay in their lovely abode. Here at the we provide some tips on how to let a holiday home.

1. Holiday home insurance

First things first, it is important that leaser has the correct form of insurance for the holiday home. Obtaining the appropriate insurance will protect the owner from minor mishaps like a guest breaking something in the property or the home flooding. The wrong insurance could lead to no cover.

2. Use your advantages

Like in any business what sets a holiday home apart from the competition will judge how successful it will become. Find out what you can offer over rival holiday home leasers or companies. This could be promoting an aspect that might not be in other homes like a swimming pool or digital TV, allowing guests full access to the property such as storage space for children's toys, or leaving tips and advice on what there is to do in the area; the list is endless.

3. Get a good reputation

It is important to build a reputation as, the best promotion of a holiday home is a wonderful review. When starting off, have reasonable prices. If you ask for first class prices then guests will expect first class quality and service and if you are a newbie to the game, you may forget to do little aspects that provides the five star experience. Once you build a reputation then gently adjust prices to reflect your quality.

4. Promote the home

How a holiday home is promoted is crucial especially when starting out. Make sure pictures are taken as accurately as possible as if you exaggerate the home and it is not what the customer expects, be ready for a bad review. Use social media, the newspaper, and online classifieds sites like the to promote the home.

5. Stay there

There is only one way to truly experience what a guest feels when staying in your holiday home and that is becoming a guest. Spot checks are fine but they rarely spot issues such as leaky toilet or smelly dishwater. Staying at the home for a while will reveal these problems and also is a great excuse for a getaway.

So there are some tip on how to promote a holiday home.

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