Candidate Crowley will not be a poster boy

Social Democrat candidate John Crowley

Social Democrat candidate John Crowley

A candidate for the upcoming local elections says it is time councillors practice what they preach and ban the use of plastic poster.

John Crowley, who is the Social Democrats candidate for Galway City West, says sitting councillors are claiming banning posters would be unfair to new candidates, but he says this is just an excuse for their fear of change.

"I’m a new candidate representing a new generation of politics and I would prefer not to be used as an excuse for their fear of change. I want to be chosen as your representative on the city council because of my dedication, my new ideas, and armed with the knowledge of local issues that I have gained from having conversations at every single door.

Time to practice what they preach

"As you wake up today Galway's landscape looks very different. Against the hopes of our Tidy Towns, and 95 per cent of our community, our beautiful city has been littered by thousands of posters.

"Political hopefuls go around for months talking about their commitment to the community. They call for better public spaces, clean streets and protecting the environment. They complain about councils frittering away public money. And then they litter our city with their posters, and leave up their cable ties, usually for the council to take down.

"It’s time for councillors to practice what they preach."

John Crowley says he does not wish to be elected just because his face is well recognised.

"Single use plastic posters are a symptom of a plastic epidemic and throwaway culture. If candidates and councillors can't commit to this small positive change, I believe they will not confront and address climate change issues head on."

"On May 24, Galwegians will be asked, not only to vote for their next city council, but for European representatives, and on two separate referendums. Posters increasingly now inhabit every inch of available space. I am not on any of them, and should I have the honour of being elected, I hope to have proven, once and for all, that political posters are not a necessary evil."

John Crowley is the Social Democrats Candidate for Galway City West and can be contacted at 085-2345069 or [email protected]


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