Galway record labels feature in new documentary series

A new documentary on independent music from producer Alan Meaney

INDEPENDENT'S DAY, 10-part radio series looking at the state of independent music and record labels in Ireland, will be broadcast on RTÉ 2XM on Mondays at 1pm, and repeated on Wednesdays at 1pm, for 10 weeks starting April 22.

Alternative culture and independent music has a rich history in Ireland going back to Horslips releasing music through their own label, Oats, starting in 1972 - five years ahead of the 'official' start of independent music with the release of The Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch EP in 1978.

Independent’s Day will feature an in depth look at Irish independent record labels with interviews with the originators of those labels, focusing on their original concept for the label; the desire to promote the music they love; how they choose what bands to sign; the importance of artwork; how digital technology has changed music consumption; the vinyl revival; and live shows. The series will also feature Galway based labels Strange Brew, Raelach Records, Rua Sound, and Rusted Rail, as well as interviews with various bands.

The series is produced by Alan Meaney and can be listened to on RTÉ 2XM on DAB radio, Saorview, and online at:



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