Talos - doubt, dust, and discovery

Eoin French bring his indie-electro sound to the Róisín Dubh

Talos - aka Eoin French.

Talos - aka Eoin French.

"I'M AN architect. But it’s not my profession. I love making music. At times, I design things…and it’s a welcome release. But music is what I do.” So says Talos who is on his way back to Galway.

Talos - aka Corkonian Eoin French - brings his indie/electro-pop sound to the Róisín Dubh on Friday April 26 at 8pm., performing songs from his acclaimed debut album Wild Alee, as well as new album, Far Out Dust, which was released in February via BMG.

Whereas Wild Alee was a solitary affair about isolation and escape, Far Out Dust found Talos embarking on new journeys, with the album being written and recorded in New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Cork, and Reykjavik.

Thematically the album deals with the pain of doubt and regret, but also a sense of discovery and wonder. That dichotomy is explored on the recent single 'The Light Upon Us'. "The idea of the light," said French, "it's not a positive light. It's one that erases things. It's blinding. Sometimes things have to be destroyed for something else to be created. An acceptance that things are supposed to die at some point. Everything has an end."

Tickets are available from www.roisindubh.net; the Ticket Desk at [email protected], Shop Street; and The Róisín Dubh. See www.thisistalos.com



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