Top tips for summer plumbing

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Although the weather may not suggest it, summer is gradually inching closer. The evenings are brighter and with the month of May almost underway, our minds turn towards the warmer months of June and July and how we can take advantage of the great weather.

During the hotter months, our plumbing systems are presented with a different range of challenges to winter, and here at the we provide some top tips to make sure your plumbing runs as smoothly as a cool glass of beer or lemonade goes down on a lazy, hot, summer day.

1. Increase in barbecues can lead to clogging

Is there anything that says the summer has arrived better than the delicious smell of barbecued meat wafting its way through the garden? When the sun is out, we love to get the buns out, for burgers and sausages that is, and when cooking outdoors we can become sloppy when it comes to cleaning up. People may want to clean the dishes quickly and get back out into the sun so they can become careless and allow foodstuffs to slip down the drain. The drain is not built for food so take an extra two minutes to make sure that the dishes are cleaned correctly.

2. Give your washing machine a rest

With the increase in temperatures (hopefully ), it is likely that our washing basket loads will be increasing. This means our washing machines will be working overtime. Make sure to give the washing machine a day off and remember to adjust its position so that the hose at the back is not pressed up against the wall.

3. Check for plumbing leaks

It is believed that a house's water use increases by 25 per cent during the summer months. This can be for a variety of reasons including the use of hoses for the garden, more showers, and the aforementioned washing loads. Check taps, toilets, and showerheads for any drips and fix them as soon as possible because the longer the problem persists, the bigger the issue can become.

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