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From national parks and theme parks to dazzling futuristic cities, the USA has something for every traveller. Whether it is the laid-back jazz of the Deep South or the iconic sights of DC, this country promises unique and diverse experiences for everyone who visits. The team in Corrib Travel can help find you something to suit everyone, whether it's a road trip on Route 66 or a sightseeing escorted tour in California, a shopping trip in New York, family fun in Orlando, or the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls.

The USA is a real mixed bag on the weather front, which is no surprise given its size. Florida boasts temperatures in the high 20s in autumn and spring, with things getting much hotter in the summer months. Showers and thunder are more frequent around this time, but they blow over pretty quickly. And hurricane season is between June and November, although serious storms are pretty rare. On the east coast, New York veers from the 30s in July to almost-freezing in January and February. This is the time that you are most likely to see the Big Apple blanketed in snow. In the west, Las Vegas’ desert climate means the seasons are not as dramatic. Temperatures consistently climb above 30°C between June and September and dip to around 15°C in the winter. It is pretty rare to be caught in a shower here, too.

Both Shannon and Dublin airports offer a US preclearance facility. This means that you can go through immigration and essentially enter the United States before you have even left Irish soil. This is a huge time-saving aspect of travelling to the States

Corrib Travel has compiled some suggested itineraries as the USA is a vast and diverse place and getting your travel plans right can make all the difference to your holiday. With so much to see and such a large area to cover, it is worth thinking carefully about which route to take. Whether it is the rural villages of New England or the ranches of the Deep South that draw you, Corrib Travel can advise on the logistics of getting around and how to combine some of the country's highlights. These itinerary ideas are the product of extensive travel in the USA and feature routes that work particularly well.

If you are unsure of what to do, or where to visit, let the travel experts in Corrib Travel help you.


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