‘What herbal remedies can I use to improve my energy?’

Herbs that positively affect energy levels are called adaptogens. Adaptogens increase vitality by reducing the energy drain that accompanies intense emotional, mental, or physical exertion. Exertion of any form over a sustained period will deplete us by creating hormonal and sugar imbalances often presenting as fatigue, low mood, poor sleep, or sugar cravings.

Adaptogens will offset this energy drain by balancing hormones and blood sugar to result in a net increase of available resources. Here are three easily accessible adaptogenic herbs which balance and support energy levels.

Siberian ginseng will increase stamina and resilience by reducing fatigue from physical exertion.

Rhodiola rosea is an uplifting mood-enhancing herb that enhances concentration and cognitive ability.

Schizandra sinensis is a powerful anti-anxiety herb that reduces energy depletion resulting from emotional stress.

See your naturopathic herbalist for appropriate herbs and lifestyle advice.

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